Shelly 2.5


Shelly 2.5 RTI Driver



This Driver Allows HTTP Integration from RTI with Shelly 2.5.

Shelly 2.5 Driver

 This driver supports integration with Shelly 2.5.

Revision History

1.0       Initial release of the driver.

License Key

            Introduce your License Code, if the field is empty or code is not correct you will have 60 min trial version.


            Fixed IP is required on the Shelly 1 unit.

Driver Configuration

            Selection between “Relay or Roller Type”: To allow the driver to work, you must set the type also on the Shelly Device under Settings/Device Type.

System Functions

            Relay Mode: Independent Relay Control (On, Off, Toggle).

Roller Mode: Open, Stop, Close.

System Variables

            Driver Licensed.

            Relay Mode: Independent State and Consumption.

Demo Mode

            60 min without License Key.



Shelly 2.5 Product :Link
Download 60 min Trial