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This free driver supports integration for Shabbat. (“Information provided by

Dirver Settings:
-Post Code: US Post Code only compatible.
-City: Select Country and City.
-Havdalah Time Set.

System Variables:
-Driver Status (“Boolean Value”) Shows if driver is connected. -Country
-Candle Lighting Title (Hebrew)
-Candle Lighting Date
-Candle Lighting Hour
-Weekly Torah Portion
-Weekly Torah Portion (Hebrew)
-Havdalah Hour
-Havdalah Date
-Shabbat Status (“Boolean Value”)

System Events:
-Shabbat Starts -Shabbat Ends
Revision History:
1.0 Initial release of the driver.

2.0 Added:
-Havdalah Settings Inside Driver Properties.
-Bug fixes and usability improvements.
-Compatibility for Most Popular Cities for France, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.
-Added Brooklyn-NY.

*Important Note:
Make sure you have clock settings properly on your processor.