Acurus Processor


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2-way TCP/IP & RS232 APEX compatible driver, supports integration with Acurus MUSE and ACT-4 processors.

System Functions:

-Power Control.
-Mute Control.
-Volume Control.
-Source Selection.
-Sound Mode Selection.
-Device Restart.
-Device Front Panel Brightness.
-Dolby Dynamic Range Control.
-Dolby Surround Center Spread Control.
-DTS Dynamic Range Control.
-Bass Level Control.
-Treble Level Control.
-Lipsync Delay Control.

System Variables:

-Source Selected..
-Sound Mode Selected..
-Screen Brightness Mode..
-Dolby Dynamic Range Control.
-Dolby Dynamic Center Spread.
-DTS Dynamic Range Control..
-Bass Leve.
-Treble Level.
-Lipsync Delay.

Revision History:
1.0 Initial release of the driver.

*Important Note:
Null Modem Cable for RS232 Control required.