Paradox EVO


RTI Driver that allows integration with Paradox EVO over RS232



This Driver allows full integration between Paradox Digiplex Evo and RTI Systems over RS232.

System Functions:
-16 Virtual Inputs (Open & Close) functions.
-Request 8 Areas Status.
-Request 192 Zones Status.
-Request 8 Area Labels.
-Request 192 Zones Labels.
-Request 999 Users Labels.
-Arm/Disarm 8 Areas.
-Keypad Code.
-Panic Functions (Emergency, Medical & Fire).

System Variables:
-Status for 192 Zones (Ok, Opened, Tampered).
-Status for 192 Zones (Label Text).
-Pin Code (Digits or Stars ***).
-Status for 8 Areas (Armed, Disarmed, TimeOut).
-Status for 8 Areas (Label Text).

Requires Paradox Printer Module