Paradox EVO


RTI Driver that allows integration with Paradox EVO over RS232



Paradox Digiplex Evo

This driver allows you integration of Paradox Digiplex EVO 192 Zones over Serial

Revision History

1.0 Initial release of the driver.

1.1 Bug fixes.

1.2 PGM Events & Utility Keys added.

1.3 Area Status issue fixed.

Connection Settings

Allows the driver to connect to the Paradox over Serial. Recommended Baud Rate: 57600

Polling Time

This function allows the delay between each Poll. The values start from 5s to 60s.

System Functions.

  *Virtual Inputs.

Virtual Inputs Open (1-16)

-Virtual Inputs Close (1-16)

*Request Status 

– 8 Areas

-192 Zones


-Area Arm (1-8)

-Area Quick Arm (1-8)

-Area Disarm (1-8)


-Numeric Keypad.

*Panic Buttons




*Utility Keys

-251 Utility Keys

System Variables.

*192 Zones Status

-Zone Ok

-Zone Open

-Zoen Tampered

*Area Status

-Area Armed

-Area Disarmed

-Area Timeout

*PGM Status

-30 PGM Status


*192 Zones Motion

*8 Areas Armed

*8 Areas Disarmed

*30 PGM On Events

*30 PGM Off Events

Requires Paradox Printer Module