Nanoleaf RTI Driver

Driver Download



This driver allows integration with Nanoleaf.

Version 1.0

-Initial Release of the Driver

How to pair RTI processor with Nanoleaf device:

•Step 1: 

On the Nanoleaf controller, hold the on-off button for 5-7 seconds until the LED starts flashing in a pattern.

•Step 2: 

Load the RTI programming to your controller or call the driver function “Register”.

! IMPORTANT NOTE: You have few seconds to execute the registration process between steps.

Button Tags:

-Power On: Light On

-Power Off: Light Off

-Power Toggle: Light

-Brightness Up: Light Up

-Brightness Down: Light Down

-Brightness: Light Level

-Color Temperature Up: Light Temperature Up

-Color Temperature Down: Light Temperature Down

-Color Temperature: Light Temperature Level

-Hue Up: Light Hue Up

-Hue Down: Light Hue Down

-Hue Level: Light Hue Level

-Saturation Up: Light Saturation Up

-Saturation Down: Light Saturation Down

-Saturation Level: Light Saturation Level

-Red Color Up: Light Red Up

-Red Color Down: Light Red Down

-Red Color Level: Light Red Level

-Green Color Up: Light Green Up

-Green Color Down: Light Green Down

-Green Color Level: Light Green Level

-Blue Color Up: Light Blue Up

-Blue Color Down: Light Blue Level

This driver includes also access to your Effect List.