Intesis WMP Driver


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Intesis WMP Driver

 This driver controls and monitors Intesis WMP gateways.

Revision History

1.0       The initial release of the driver.

1.1       Important new driver version release:

            *APEX Compatible Driver with Tags.

*Control Up to 128 Thermostats on a single instance.

Important Update Note:

For update this driver from v1.0 the driver must be removed from project and replaced by the latest release.


            To allow the driver to connect to the Intesis WMP gateway you need to introduce the fixed TCP IP address of the WMP device and Port by default 3310.


Multi Points Gateway Equipment Compatibility: 

  • Fujitsu: INMBSFGL016O000
  • Hisense: INMBSHIS016O000 – INMBSHIS064O000
  • Hitachi: INMBSHIT016O000 – INMBSHIT064O000
  • Mitsubishi: INMBSMIT050C000 – INMBSMIT100C000
  • Panasonic: INMBSPANO16O000 – INMBSPAN064O000 – INMBSPAN128O000
  • Samsung: INMBSSAM004O000 – INMBSSAM008O000 – INMBSSAM0016O000 – INMBSSAM064O000

One Point Gateway Equipment Compatibility over WiFi:

  • Daikin AC Domestic: INWMPDAI001I000
  • Daikin VRV and Sky Systems: INWMPDAI001R000
  • Fujitsu RAC an VRF to Remote Controller: INWMPFGL001R000
  • Fujitsu RAC and VRF to CN Connector: INWMPFGL001I000
  • LG VRF Systems: INWMPLGE001R000
  • Mitsubishi Elecric Domestic, Mr.Slim and City Multi: INWMPMIT001I000
  • Mitsubishi FD and VRF Systems: INWMPMHI001R000
  • Mitsubishi Domestic: INWMPHI001I000
  • Panasonic AC Units: INWMPPAN001I000
  • Panasonic ECOi and PACi Systems: INWMPPAN001R000
  • Toshiba VRF and Digital Systems: INWMPTO5001R000
  • Universal IR AC: INWMPUNI001I000