Dynamic Background


Dynamic Background Driver



This driver has 2 hours demo mode. Select Refresh Rate Minutes to see how driver changes images.

This driver allows to have dynamic backgrounds randomly.

Compatible Devices:
• All existing RTI Panels and Remotes.
• RTIPanel (All iOS models, Portrait and Landscape).
• Up to 10 Custom Resolutions.
How the driver works:
• This driver requires internet connection to work. In the existing case that internet connection drops down, will stay the last image until the connection comes back during the next refresh.
• You are able to select a refresh rate (minutes, hours, daily & disabled). If refresh rate is disable you can still refresh manually using the “refresh function”.
• There is an option on Driver Properties to allow a blur effect to give a value from 1-10. This option is disabled by default.
• Use a Dynamic Image Object set it same resolution as the screen and select the desired panel Image Variable.

Download 120 min Trial