IntesisBox WMP Driver

Control Air Conditioner units from RTI systems thanks to IntesisBox WMP driver

Intesis Software and Drivers Digital present a new driver to control Air Conditioning units from Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) home automation system.


  • The company, Drivers Digital, has developed a driver compatible with all the range of RTI controllers.
  • Thanks to “IntesisBox WMP” driver and the versatile IntesisBox WiFi solutions, RTI projects can be now endowed with the control of a wide range of Air Conditioning systems.


How it works

The WiFi gateway is either directly wired to the AC unit (brand specific device) or connected via Infrared commands (universal device). The driver runs in any RTI controller which is connected to the same IP network as the IntesisBox gateway. In this way, the communication between these 2 systems is established, and the user can have full control of the Air Conditioning units from any RTI interface.

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About the Author: Morris Romo